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Kerala Cuisine

Kerala Cuisine is famous all over the country and worldwide. Kerala’s tradition food is served on banana leaves and eaten with hands. In Kerala cuisine, you will find many varieties of items with unique taste.

Breakfast: Breakfast in Kerala is full of nutritional and delicious. Some of the items that are served in the morning are like ‘Puttu’ which is made of rice flour and coconut, Kadala, Idiappam, Appam and many more.

Lavish Sadya: Sadya is a traditional food of Kerala which is served on a plantain leaf and eaten with the hand. It is vegetarian food that consists of around varieties of items. Payasam and Adapradhaman are also the famous delights of Kerala. Adapradhaman is the cuisine that is made up of rice and milk.

Non Vegetarian cuisines of Kerala: Here at Kerala you will find many varieties of non-vegetarian items specially sea items. Some of the delicious sea foods that are served in Kerala are like Prawn, Lobsters, Crabs, Mussels and so on.

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